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Five years of study, 550+ pages, and 5 CDs later...... My 'Doctor of Philosophy' (PhD) was conffered in 2014, awarded with a Deans Commendation. The professors involved included: Mark Carroll, John Riley, Jon Gordon, and Kimi Coaldrake, and the musicians on the recordings include: Gilad Hekselman, John Abercrombie, Jo Lawry, Will Vinson, Chad Lefkowitz-Brown, Shai Maestro, Matthew Lionel Sheens, Alon Tayar, Linda May Han Oh, Scott Colberg, Or Bareket, Bam Bam Rodríguez, Kenneth Salters, Ari Hoenig, Yanni Burton, Sarah Koenig-Plonskier, Lavinia Pavlish, Jack Stulz and Leana Rutt. The engineers/mixing/mastering, includes the artistry of: Michael Perez-Cisneros, Simen Solvang, Benny Goldstein, Michael Brorby, and Alan Silverman.

Often I am asked if you can purchase my PhD. If you are interested in purchasing a copy, there are two options below, one is a digital copy, the other a physical copy.

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